Mineraluxe Filter Cleaning Process

Filter Cleaning Tips:
• Always wear rubber gloves when handling your filter cartridge(s)
• Having multiple filter cartridges allows you sufficient time to deep cleanse your cartridge properly
• Allow filter cartridge(s) to dry after cleaning to improve filter effectiveness
• Thorough and complete rinsing with a garden hose or under a tap after cleaning is essential to prevent foaming when cartridge is put back into use - do not use a high pressure washer for rinsing or cleaning
• Rinsing the filter cartridge with water weekly is a good maintenance practice

Cleaning Process: (recommended monthly for hot tubs with moderate use)
1. Remove the filter cartridge(s) from the filter housing and rinse with garden hose to remove physical debris.
2. Prepare a solution of Mineraluxe™ Filter Revive  and hot water (preferable) in a clean plastic pail, laundry tub or specific filter cleaning container.
     a. Light to moderately used hot tub – use 200 mL of Mineraluxe™ Filter Revive  –  soak minimum 1 hour
     b. Heavily used hot tub – use 400 mL of Mineraluxe™ Filter Revive  for minimum 3 hours
3. Submerse filter cartridge(s) in the solution and allow soaking for minimum 1 to 3 hours.
4. Once soaking is complete, remove filter cartridge from solution and rinse thoroughly with clean water from garden hose or tap. Do not use a high pressure washer as this will damage the cartridge.
5. Once cleaning is complete, the used cleaning solution can be safely disposed of by pouring down the drain.

Mineraluxe™ Filter Revive:
1. An environmentally-friendly filter cleaning product. Non-toxic, readily biodegradable formula.
2. Cleans filter cartridges of common body oils, greases, scale and metal deposits.
3. Mineraluxe™ Filter Revive not only cleans cartridges effectively but digests the waste, leaving a clean solution to dispose of. No further cleaning of the laundry tub, pail or filter cleaning of the soaking container is required. Mineraluxe™ Filter Revive will look after that.