Hot Tub Meditation

Here is a simple meditation tip to start your journey.
Ensure your surroundings are a quiet as possible, turn jets off and make sure your water temperature is comfortable.

Let's begin...

Sit Comfortably relaxed: eyes, jaw, shoulders, tummy , hands, and legs.
"Feel your Breath" breath in and out of your nose. Think out, when exhaling, (everything falls) Think in, when inhaling and you feel the rise from with in.

When your mind wanders and it will, watch your breath and start the rhythm again.
Find clarity one breath at a time. The most important thing is that once you have noticed your mind wandering and you catch it get back to your breathing. That is the moment of clarity. When you find that within seconds of bringing you back to your breathing you start again.

Practice this over and over the more you do you will find moment of quiet/pause and clarity and will be present in your mind.
Start by trying this for 5 minutes or 10 minutes. I would not begin for a longer period of time. Remember pay close attention to your breathing. Then work up to 15-20 minutes once comfortable. You will find a new awareness and feel refreshed.

Please give me some feedback on this technique and feel free to share other techniques on hot tub meditation or yoga! Great way to start or end our day!