The Pool Opening Challenge

Safety Covers not only secure our back yard but give us peace of mind, that no matter what the weather, our cover will stay in tact making the first stage of your pool opening easy. However if the challenge from the winter of 2018, has left your clear pool looking more like a pond, no worries. Here are a few tips to save cost and energy in bringing your pool back to crystal clear in no time at all.

1. Think back to when you closed the pool, did you have a water test? Was the pool not balanced and did it already having an algae issue? This would not have disappeared over the winter. Opening sooner rather than later is a good place to start.

2. How is the filtration system, does the sand need cleaned or changed, or cartridge filters need cleaned or replaced?

3. Once the cover is off don’t let the pool sit for days, get it circulating.

4. Don’t’ guess and just add chlorine, have the water tested. If your CYA levels are higher than 100ppm your pool will not respond well to chlorine treatment, if the pH is high you will slow the process down. For most, nature’s water, depending on the winter season, looks after these concerns but that depends on the levels when closing. Don’t spend good money on a product that may not have an effect. Listen to what the water is telling you! Once these important steps are completed add the pool opening products as required.

5. Remember during this stage of the pool opening, do not cover the pool and do not shut your system off. Another important tip, as convenient as an automatic vacuum system is, I would highly recommend a manual vacuuming. The automatic system slows the filtration down and you are also subjecting it to a possible algae spore which will transfer back to the pool. This will have you chasing algae with the added need of purchasing more chemicals. Remember to backwash and rinse the filter or change up the cartridges during the process. If you have a salt pool remember do not turn the generator on for a minimum of 24 hours after adding salt or treaing the pool with shock.

These simple tips will start your pool season off with easier maintenance I’m sure. Remember first, circulation, filtration, test the water, then product.