Is it time to open your pool?

We enjoyed a mild winter and if our weather continues we will be enjoying our backyard and pool really soon. We often ask ourselves "when is too early and when is too late to open our pool?". Not an easy answer, however, ask yourself the following questions that may help you decide what’s best for you.

• Did I close the pool green or unbalanced?
• Does the sand filter need a sand change or cleaned?
• Are there repairs needed to the pump, filter or skimmer?
• When I closed was my salt generator not cleaned or not working?
• When I closed did my liner looked like it may not make it through another season?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, open as soon as the weather allows. You don't want to be doing repairs or trying to schedule the repairs to get completed right before it's time to swim!

1. Remember warmer temperatures breed algae. Sunlight can cause days of work and the added expense of chemicals for a pool that's been covered and not circulating. I would rather open a pool with a little work than to wait and and end up with a major clean up. In addition, if you closed with a little algae waiting longer only is going to prove to be more of a problem.

2. Many hesitate to open as they feel it can be costly. What is more costly than the work and additional chemicals to bring the pool around. With today’s efficient filtration and pump systems and with still cooler temperatures operating costs are minimal.

3. The biggest reason is just being outdoors enjoying the longer days, milder weather, barbequing, bringing out the patio furniture, listening to the birds, why hesitate? This to me says “Summer” is near! That sounds really good, don’t you think?