Host a Winter Pool Party

Indoor pool:

Your child’s birthday is in the winter but that’s no reason not to have a Winter Pool Party. It’s a great way to bring a little bit of summer into the cold winter months. Kids love the idea.

Check to see if local recreation centers, resorts or hotels have pool party packages. You may be able to get a special rate. You will more than likely have to bring your own cake, snacks and drinks. You may also be able to get a private party room included in the price.

It’s best to have the kids use up their energy first by swimming and playing in the pool before serving food and cake. There are plenty of fun games and activities that you can organize. Marco Polo, water volleyball, shark and more. It’s also fun to have a pool related theme. Give out poolside party favours such as goggles or flip flops. Use your imagination!

Here’s a checklist you can use:
• Cake or cupcakes with candles
• Drinks and snacks
• Paper plates, cups utensils and napkins
• Emergency contact information for all the children in attendance.
• Games, movies or other activities
• Party theme decorations
• Party favours
Setup is easy and you won’t have to clean up your house!

Around the pool:

In the winter, maybe your pool is too cold to swim in but the temperatures are mild enough to hang around outside - why not throw a party around the pool?

Decorate your pool area and patio as a winter wonderland. Hang some Christmas lights or put out some holiday decorations. Set up a Hot Chocolate Bar with ingredients such as candy corn marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, mini marshmallows and caramels to choose from, and serve “warm-you-up” foods. Why not build an outdoor fire and make “S'Mores”? If you live in an area that does get a little too chilly, maybe rent a couple of space heaters. It would be just like your summer time pool parties, but with a winter time twist.

Make sure everyone dresses warmly so that they can partake in some Winter Games! Have a snowball throwing contest featuring a target created in the snow with food colouring. Have a slip-sliding tug-snow-war. Pack a wide but shallow trench in the snow to serve as the midline. Have a thick rope handy, create your teams and pull!

Not for the faint of heart… If your pool is still open, why not ring in the New Year with a Polar Plunge. Make sure you have plenty of towels available as everyone will be trying to dry off at the same time. Warm up foods and hot beverages are a must!