There's Chill and There's Chill

Did you know closing your pool too early can be a bad thing?

If the weather is warm you may be asking too much of your chemicals. Believe it or not, closing your pool for the season shouldn’t be about convenience; it should really be about timing. If you close your pool too soon, the winter protection chemicals you add will often not last until spring. Your pool chemicals are consumed much faster in hotter temperatures versus in cooler temperatures. This can, in turn, cause algae blooms and staining in your pool. Not to mention it can also lengthen your spring opening and clean-up time. Leaving two expensive options drain or using more chemicals to the pool water. Try to ensure that the water temperature is consistently below 65 degrees. Make sure to get your water tested prior to closing so you can put the correct chemicals in your pool as well as the precise amount. Keep in mind that the procedure for closing your pool for the season differs greatly from regular pool maintenance.