After the Rain

Cloudy pool after rain - You were just swimming in your nice clean pool and along comes a rain storm.. It’s raining cats
and dogs and your pool is about to overflow and if we add wind to the rain you have leaves filling the skimmer!

Now you notice that your pool is cloudy after the rain. With a rain storm, any number of contaminants can be washing
into your pool acid rain, pollen, insects, tree droppings, dust, sand and even phosphates.

Any one or combination of these things in rain can make your pool cloudy. If everything else is good (water balance,
chlorine level, filtering) and now you have this cloudy water from rain. Here are few tips to regain that sparkle!

If we know a storm is coming, make sure your pool is balanced and shock just before the rain, keep your filtration
system running. It's important to keep the water circulating and filtering. If you do loose hydro, air circulation and a non
chlorine shock added to the pool water will still provide a benefit to the pool water’s ability to bounce back.

After a heavy rain or lightning storm you may be required to shock again. Another reminder if the water level is too
high in the skimmer this will prevent the pool from filtering at it’s best and you may have to backwash and rinse your
filter to clean and reduce the water level to aid in providing the best results in water clarity. Another important tip during
the peak of warm weather and summer rain - phosphates will breed algae, the water can start by getting cloudy - testing
for phosphates and adding a few caps of Phosphate free product every week will reduce the risk of algae and added
insurance of water clarity.