New Year's Eve Hot Tub Party

There is no better time for a hot tub party than New Year’s Eve. Bring in the new year with a midnight dip in the warmth of your hot tub. Invite your close friends and family over and have music, snacks and drinks ready. Here’s some last minute ideas on how to plan a hot tub party for New Years.

If it’s an intimate group of people at your hot tub party, you can plan to actually be in the tub when the clock strikes twelve.
Keep in mind, that if you have a larger number of guests this evening, that most New Year’s Eve hot tub parties never actually turn into hot tub “parties” until after the new year. After the clock strikes twelve, expect about half of your guests to be gone by 12:30, home to relieve baby sitters, or get some needed rest before the end of the holidays. For those that are still around, being in a hot tub is a great way to welcome the new year!

When the spa use starts, remind your guests of the Buddy System (no single users allowed), and limiting soaks to no more than 30 minutes.

Have some cool music near the spa, that is loud enough to be heard over the jets. Make sure to not use any plugged in devices sitting too close to the spa. Plugged in devices should never be set on the edge of the spa, for obvious reasons, but put it close enough to be lively.

Don’t forget to have Auld Lang Syne ready to play at midnight!

For your inside party, platters of pigs in a blanket, 7-layer dip, or whatever snacky type food. A spiral sliced ham with potato rolls, cheeses and mustards is an easy display - bowls of nuts and small candies. A few desserts like cookies, brownies, cakes and pies are great for those with a sweet tooth.

But for the spa area, usually the outside party – do yourself a favour and prohibit food. Fruit may be OK – strawberries, grapes or apples perhaps, but keep all other kind of food away from the spa or you’ll more than likely have to clean out your spa filter.

Tradition dictates that you must have champagne (or sparkling beverage) available at midnight for toasting. Hopefully you have some of our plastic flute glasses on hand, to fill and hand out. Why not pull out the good stuff, so whether it’s beer, wine or vodka you are serving, make sure that you have some premium brands available. It’s an end of year blow out, after all!

Next to the spa have infused water or light juices for your guests to drink from festive plastic cups. On New Year’s Eve, encourage guests to drink a glass of water before they get in the water, or right after they get out.

Enjoy the company of friends and family, and cheers to a New Year that will bring joy, happiness and success to all!