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As customers of the “Pool Place”, many of you are aware of our partnership with Backyard Brands, who are dedicated to educating us in water care and providing us with an amazing product, and their on-going “Share the Gift of Water” program wherein a portion of your purchases support those less fortunate. Backyard Brands, Rotary International and partnered dealers continue to help to provide a hand up, not a hand out, to many of the poorest areas of Kenya and Uganda.

Dennis Gray the president of Backyard Brands, someone I consider a mentor and good friend, whose wife is a native of Puerto Rico, recently sent out an email that recounts their journey to provide relief and ultimately their total shock at the devastation left behind after hurricane’s Irma and Maria ravaged the island. He states that although the media’s coverage has waned, the devastation lingers, so he along with many others, have set out to raise donations to provide food for the babies, toddlers and children of Puerto Rico.

Once I moved beyond my sadness, I wondered how much support one small business could offer. As the girls and I were preparing to start our local “Sock Monkey” Campaign, I reached a thought of higher ground, “to make Sock Monkey’s for the children of Puerto Rico with hopes to nourish their spirit” - the idea has been met with great enthusiasm and we are now running with it!

Though our community here in Ontario consists of small rural areas, we are amazingly spirited people, and I know together we can knock some socks off!

Please join us in swinging out on a limb, in support of the “Food Fighters for Puerto Rico” and their efforts to raise and deliver much needed food for the babies, toddlers and children, by placing your order for Sock Monkey’s to "feed the spirit of the children". Your donation for one monkey or a barrel of monkeys would be such a welcomed gift!

Place your order to our "Sock Monkey Campaign" in support of the "Food Fighters for Puerto Rico" through our secure PayPal portal using your credit card below (no PayPal account necessary). After we receive your order, you will be sent a copy of your Sock Monkey’s Birth Certificate along with immeasurable thanks for your support.

If you would like more information about your donation or would like to volunteer your time creating sock monkeys to such a worthy cause, email us at

The PoolLady

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