Algae Destruction

Follow these instructions carefully and communicate back to us your pool professional, with your progress as it takes team work to be successful. Algae is preventable and once your problem has been solved review your options so that you can prevent algae in the future. As a rule please don’t let 2 days pass before getting back to us.

The following are must do prerequisites:

  1. Leave the solar blanket off until clear
  2. Run the pump and filter 24 hours per day, continuous circulation and filtration is critical
  3. Brush the pool surfaces regularly. This keeps algae in the water where your destruction efforts are centered. Allowing it to settle on the surface of the pools is a lifeline to its survival.
  4. Treat every 2 days until fixed. Multiple treatments may be required.
  5. If you have a salt chlorinated pool turn your chlorinator off.

Do your best to follow these steps as accurately as possible:

  • Clean the pool of any and all physical debris. Scoop and vacuum as much as possible from the pool floor, even if you can’t see. Remember to clean your pool and pump basket to ensure that filtration and circulation are maintained.
  • Balance your pool water to allow your treatments products the best chance of success. Come to us for a water test, and you will get a water prescription. Properly balanced pool water enables your treatment products to work at their best and they will create an environment that is most unkind for the continued growth of algae. You should keep the pH balance within the ideal range of 7.4 to 7.6.
  • After balancing your pool water scrub your pool vigorously. More frequent brushing will speed up your results.
  • Afterwards use Dazzle Ultra Shock which can be applied slowly sprinkling it into your clean skimmer with the pump and filter operating. Use the amount recommended in your water test prescription pool. Always follow the label instructions.
  • After the application you will have to wait one hour. Then add your algaecide, Dazzle Algae Clear 60, by pouring around the edges of your pool. Again brush your pool to make sure that all products are mixed thoroughly and to dislodge any algae that may have settled on the sides of your pool.
  • Remember, test your chlorine and pH regularly. Maintain your pH at between 7.4 and 7.6, and your Chlorine at a minimum of 5.0 ppm, and repeat the shock treatment if it falls below that level. Operate your chlorinator at 100% until the problem has been resolved. Treat as often as needed to maintain these levels.
  • Watch the colour – a green or cloudy water means algae is still living, and a blue or milky water means algae is dead and your issue then switches to dead algae removal.
  • Once algae is destroyed, the dead algae spores usually need help to be filtered from your pool water because they are very small. A number of different pool clarifiers can be prescribed. The preferred clarifier is Dazzle Clear Rebound due to its ease of use and works with all filter types. If you have a sand filter, Dazzle Clarifying Tablets can be used by themselves or in combination with Clear Rebound. Allows follow the prescription and bottle instructions, and watch your pressure closely, backwashing when needed. Clarifying Tablets are good to use on a regular basis to keep your pool water clear and sparkling.
  • After algae has been destroyed and your pool water is clear, add Rapid Action Filter Cleanse to your filter to destroy any algae that may be harbouring in the filter and to prevent reoccurrence.

Remember though, algae can be very resistant and difficult to kill, depending on the type you have and the length of time it has been growing in your pool. Don’t let more than 48 hours pass if there are signs of algae.

Enjoy your pool  as much as you possibly can in the remaining days of summer and remember we are always here to help you with your problems!

CLICK HERE to view a thorough presentation of Algae Destruction provided by our friends at Dazzle.