We Love Salt Pools Too!

The Pristiva Perfect Pool
Pristiva’s advanced 3-step system for start-up and maintenance of salt water pools, sets a new standard of excellence in salt water care. Developed after extensive research and rigorous field testing, Pristiva was designed to meet the specific needs and challenges of salt water pools. The result is the easy to use Pristiva 3-Step System - our exclusive, proprietary, high-performance system that creates unmatched salt water protection, incredible comfort and picture-perfect results.

  • Simple
  • Easy to follow
  • Once per month application
  • Specifically designed for salt water pools

Salt Water Pools. Rising to New Levels with Pristiva
Congratulations on your investment in a salt water pool. And now, with Pristiva, we can take your salt pool to the next level. Here’s how:

  • Pristiva’s Isotonic Advantage, even more refreshing water that’s soothing to skin and
  • hair and easier on eyes and noses than a traditional salt pool
  • Pristiva’s 3-Step System, making it even easier to obtain superior results with less maintenance, time and expense
  • Pristiva’s Premium Salt, superior performance starts with the very best pool salt available for   less work and better results.

Requirements & Care
Salt water pools differ significantly from traditional chlorine pools. They require unique equipment and special care. With the proper support, it’s an investment that will pay dividends in total pool enjoyment for years to come.

Salt Water Pools Need Specialized Pool Care Products
Salt water pools require specialized salt water  pool care products designed to perform inside  the harsh environment of the salt water generator. Chemicals designed for use in traditional chlorine pools can break down as they pass through your generator, leaving your pool unprotected and your money wasted.
Only Pristiva invested in the research and understanding that allowed for the development of the Pristiva Total Protection System.

Try it now so you and your pool can experience the difference it can make!

The Pristiva Advanced 3-Step System for Salt Water Pools
The Pristiva 3-Step System is the most advanced start-up and maintenance program for salt water pools available, providing unparalleled protection and water performance. The system itself consists of three products – Pristiva Premium Salt, Pristiva Primer and Pristiva Premium Shock.

The 3-step system:

Step 1: Pristiva Premium Salt

  • Used whenever the pool water requires salt to be added to maintain the proper salinity level
    • When a pool is freshly filled
    • At spring opening
    • Any time an appreciable amount of pool water has been lost due to backwashing, draining, leaks, etc.
  • The desired salinity level is that recommended by the manufacturer of your electrolytic chlorine     generator (ECG)
  • Most systems operate at approx. 3,000 – 4,000 ppm
  • The highest quality salt available for swimming  pools
  • Least amount of undesirable impurities like iron, phosphates, sulfates, organic contaminants, etc.
  • Delivers crystal clear, soft, soothing waters unmatched by traditional pools

Step 2: Pristiva Primer

  • Primes the pool for immediate protection against stains, scale and corrosion (common issues    associated with salt water pools when products are used that were not designed for them)
  • Delivers superior water clarity and comfort
  • Added initially and then once per month to maintain maximum protection

Step 3: Pristiva Premium Shock

  • The only shock treatment needed in a salt chlorinated swimming pool
  • Used initially and then once per month thereafter
  • Always applied immediately after the application of Pristiva Primer to keep it simple and easy
  • Works with Pristiva Primer to deliver sparkling clear, comfortable pool water
  • Boosts chlorine residual and tops up stabilizer level

The Right Salt Can Make all the Difference
All salts are not the same. Ordinary pool salts contain varying levels of undesirable contaminants that can result in challenges unique to salt water pools. Additionally, using salts not specifically designed for salt water pools or chemicals formulated for traditional chlorine pools can affect pools in a variety of ways, including:

  • Staining
  • Water Clouding
  • Chlorine Demand
  • Scaling on Chlorine Generator Cells
  • Scaling on Pool Finishes
  • Chemical Breakdown

Only use the best salt available and products specifically designed for salt water pools – Pristiva Advanced 3-Step System!