Purchasing or Replacing your Pool Pump?

Automating pool and spa functions gives you cost control and control of your backyard. Did you know that Pool pumps are often the second or third largest energy consumer, after a home’s air conditioner?

When replacing your existing pool pump, it is important to carefully evaluate your pool and spa’s needs before deciding on a replacement pump. In fact, I recommend that you always work with me before buying a replacement pool pump.  I will help you determine the right pool pump for your particular pool application and lifestyle.  I’ll take many factors into consideration when sizing your pool pump: such as filter size, plumbing size, spa jet and water feature requirements, along with the water turnover rate needed to keep your water properly filtered.  Incorrectly sizing a pool pump could render it ineffective and inefficient, and could possibly cause damage to your filtering system.

The Pool Place deals with Hayward Pumps. Tests have proven that Hayward’s family of variable speed pumps can save you the pool owner up to 90% on energy costs when compared to standard single speed pumps by managing speed power all the time. That means savings as high as $1,500 a year and Hayward has the variable speed pump that’s right for your pool.

Automation can make a positive impact on your lifestyle. Automating filtration, for example, is just one way to get customizable control that fits into family activities. You can run it on a set schedule all week, then automatically increase it during busy weekends, when activity is at its peak.

When replacing your pump with a Hayward variable speed pump you not only save energy but you may also be eligible for a TAX CREDIT!

Now is the time to take advantage of our Pump Specials and start saving money!