Moms love their swimming pools.

No Packing

Maybe the worst part about swimming for moms, before they own their own pool, is the idea of having to pack for the day. Inevitably  something is forgotten.

Kids Want to ‘Hang Out' at Home

Moms understand that their kids are going to be looking for fun and entertainment, especially as they hit their teenage years. With a pool in their backyard, kids will invite their friends over, allowing ‘Mom' to keep an eye on them and also get to know their friends in the process.

No Driving

With the crazy number of activities that many kids participate in these days, having a pool in the back yard is a relief. So not only does a pool mean less driving, it also means less spent on gas-which saves even more money.

Low Entertainment Costs

While a pool is expensive initially, the technologies these days require less maintenance and chemicals than ever before. So many families are electing to install swimming pools instead of spending thousands on vacations - hence the phrase "Staycacion".

Yes... Vacuuming can be Therapeutic

Many find vacuuming the pool is both relaxing and therapeutic. This may sound strange to those who've never owned a pool but there is something very peaceful about being outside and moving the vacuum through the waters of a swimming pool.

Fitness for the Family

Swimming is a great exercise, and kids certainly need exercise to stay healthy and fit. Kids will spend many hours daily outside in the pool during the summer rather than sitting in the basement in front of a computer screen.

Gal’s Get Togethers

Moms need their time away from the kids every once and awhile, and there may be no better means of this than having a ‘Lady's Night' at the pool. By sitting, laughing, and chatting in the pool for hours with friends, moms can truly receive a much needed respite.

Children Crawl into Bed

It’s funny how ‘zonked' the kids are after a day of being outside in the pool. It makes the life of moms much easier when the kids are asking to go to bed versus being told to go to bed.

Less Bickering

Kids can drive themselves crazy with bickering and arguing, especially during the summer time once school is over. Having a pool is a great solution! Moms are amazed at the peaceful relationships between their children as a result of such laughing, splashing and playing in the pool.

Cheap Birthday Parties

As every mom is well aware, throwing a party for their kids can get expensive when other children are involved. This is because they have to be entertained and entertainment outside of the home can get pretty costly. With a swimming pool in the backyard, children can be entertained for hours.

Quiet Exercise

Many moms love swimming in their pool alone, enjoying the peaceful water while benefiting from the exercise that comes with such an activity. It's really amazing what 15-20 minutes of quiet exercise each day can do for the mind and body as we get older.

Family Time without Distractions

It's tough for families to have great ‘family time' these days with all the technological distractions but owning a swimming pool makes for quality time. When the family goes for a swim in their pool, their only focus is on each other.

Some of my fondest memories are those created in my own backyard!