Start a Holiday Tradition!

It’s that time of the year again! It’s a time filled with excitement, the laughter of children, smells of fresh baking, last minute shopping, parties, great food, visiting with family and friends. Why not start a new holiday tradition? Throw on your bathing suits, and get ready to enjoy Christmas in your hot tub. Whether it’s family or friends, whoever you share the holiday with, I’m sure they’d appreciate a good Christmas hot-tubbing.

You decorate your house. You decorate your yard, so why not decorate the hot tub? Christmas lights, garland, pine boughs - do the whole nine. If your tub is equipped with underwater lights, throw a green or red bulb in, or use floating spa lights. For something special, mist with some of our InSPAration holiday scents, such as sugar cookie, candy cane and holiday spice. Sit and soak with your family on Christmas Eve as the kids watch the sky for Santa’s sleigh & Rudolph's red glowing nose. Have Christmas music playing near the tub. Provide santa hats as well as red and green towels. On Christmas, relax and unwind after a busy day of opening gifts and filling up on turkey and let the holiday spirit bubble all around you. Make up a batch of hot chocolate, and pour it into an insulated coffee cups, to keep it warm. You might even break out into carols. Let it happen. It’s Christmas and you own a hot tub!

Here are some more tips on having a great winter wonderland, hot tub experience:

  • In cold weather, you may feel that you should raise the temperature to an unsafe level or too remain too long. DON’T. Your head and shoulders that remain exposed to chilly air may also confuse your sense of internal temperature; you may be hotter than you realize.
  • Be conservative. When it’s frosty outside, limit your water temperature to 100 degrees and keep your soak time to 15 minutes—and that’s if you are a healthy adult without any conditions or any medications that could impact how your body responds to high temperatures.
  • Keep your hot tub at the temperature you like, rather than reducing it and trying to heat it back up again - which is way less energy efficient.
  • Keep your towels warm by putting them in the dryer, Then carrying them out to your Hot Tub in a cooler. A warm towel will keep you nice and toasty when you get out of the Hot Tub!
  • Supply bath slippers or plastic shoes with a good tread that will protect warm, wet feet from outdoor elements. Make sure you have a path shoveled and salted to avoid slipping. If there is ice on any surface you will be walking on, be especially careful about walking to and away from your spa or hot tub. This is particularly important for when you are leaving the hot water and making a quick dash across your yard to get inside your warm house.
  • Wear a winter hat. A knitted beanie may seem like odd gear for a hot soak. However, a hat will actually help you regulate body temperature.
  • Skin cream, or hand lotion will help protect your face from bitter winter winds, which can be drying from low humidity. A layer of moisturizer (or even sunscreen) will keep your skin from drying out, and keep the moisture in your skin.
  • Make sure that your hands are completely dry before you touch a metal doorknob or latch to go inside your home—or your skin could freeze to the metal!