Hot Tub Cleaning & Start Up

Whether your hot tub has been operating all summer season or you are just beginning to open and start up your hot tub for the fall season it important to remember just draining the lines is not enough. They require a good cleaning to remove scale build up and other debris that may be trapped.  Especially for hot tubs that sat empty this past hot summer season giving an opportunity for bacteria to grow. Once your TDS ~ TOTAL DISSOLVED SOLIDS, reaches 1500 PPM (approx. 3 mths) the chemicals you use in your water are no longer able to perform their jobs as efficiently, as too many solids have accumulated in your water. This is the perfect time to drain your water and refill.

  • Take the filters out of the spa and soak them in a bucket overnight with a formulated filter cleaner. This will remove any oils, skin, & dirt out of the filter.
    * TIP - remove your filters and rinse with water weekly, Dazzle Filter Cleanse once a month for a complete clean is recommended. This will help in providing your filter with a longer life and keep filtration of your spa at best.
  • Allow your filter to completely dry before putting it back into the spa.
  • Clean the spa lines before draining turn your heater off or as low as you can.. Important please make sure the filter is removed.  Manually close off any jets, pour ½ a bottle of Whirl-O-Way or Dazzle Drain Prep  or Mineraluxe Cleanse & Drain into your spa water & run through a cycle. This will clean out any wastes that sit in the plumbing of your spa. Drain water from spa.
  • Clean the inside of the spa either by using Dazzle Tub Cleaner, or Spa Cleaning Mitts.
  • Re-fill the spa with water.
  • Take a water sample before adding any chemicals! This will allow the staff at the Pool Place to obtain more accurate results.
  • Once your water is full & you have inserted the filters back into the spa, & your pump, filter & heat is back on  begin start up.
  • Start with balancing & weekly maintenance of your hot tub.
  • TIP– Cleaning your hot tub cover with a proper weather protectant will help preserve your cover & keep it looking at it’s best. Am insulated blanket will add protection from the moisture to your cover and lower cost of operation. Wise investment!

Voila your spa is now ready for you to enjoy!!