Enjoy Your Hot Tub All Year Long

Whether or not you drain your hot tub for the winter is a personal choice. Hot tub owners are faced with this decision every year as the cold weather arrives and it really depends on how and when you prefer to use your spa. As a spa enthusiast I believe it is better to leave your spa running all year long, both for enjoyment during cold winter months and to avoid problems with freezing due to improper winterization.

During the summer, people want to cool down rather than heat themselves up but after a long, cold winters day doesn’t the idea of a relaxing hot soak in the spa, bringing life back to cold toes and aching joints, while surrounded by fresh falling snow sound appealing?  Most of our customers agree that the cold snowy weather is their favourite time of year for a soak in the hot tub.  Why not make the most of your investment and enjoy it all year long?

Maybe you are worried about added energy costs to heat your hot tub in the cold winter months. With modern, energy efficient hot tubs there is very little added cost to the utility bill and as long as you keep a good cover on it when it’s not in use, the hot tub will be insulated enough, that it would cost only pennies a day.

I would also like to point out that most hot tub damage is caused by improper or insufficient winterization. Hot tubs that are improperly winterized, with ANY residual water left in the tub can cause freeze damage.  So while you may save some on energy and chemicals by shutting down your spa and choosing to winterize your hot tub, you do run the risk of more costly repairs if the winterization is not done perfectly. Keeping them running and maintaining an optimal temperature will actually keep the pipes from freezing, since they’ll have warm water running through them constantly.

So yes, winterizing your hot tub is an option if you are set on doing it and sure that you can winterize your hot tub properly to ensure no freeze damage will occur, but personally I would not run that risk and I would prefer to relax in and enjoy my hot tub year round, after all that is what I bought it for!