Seasonal High Temperatures

Unbelievably, we are still experiencing higher than seasonal temperatures and many of us are still enjoying our pools as frequently as we did in the month’s of July and August.

However mid September is upon us and we are busy with kids, back to school  and adding sports activities to our agenda. We are trying to get back into a routine and our pools may have fallen to the bottom of our list. For some the weekends still allow us some time for some great swimming and fun times in our pool. Rest assured your pool does not require a daily visit especially if it has been well maintained all summer. Maintaining our pool once a week can still ensure our pool is ready when we are. Considering it is time to think about getting our pools ready for the winter, we must pay attention to the weather at hand and only in a few situations would I  contemplate closing your pool  at this time. Serious leaf issues may be one reason why, but remember there are leaf nets an option. Another situation could be that you are away for an extended period of time and may not be available during the prime closing season.

Shaded sunlight covering the pool now brings an ideal opportunity for potential algae growth. If energy consumption is of concern consider shutting the pump off for an extended period of time but turn it on periodically to allow for circulation and continue to maintain your weekly maintenance. This will give your pool an opportunity to breath and allow for easy treatment if necessary. Reminder, do not cover the pool with a solar blanket for extended periods, your solar blanket is to retain the heat the sun has provided not heat the pool.

If you have not kept a regular maintenance schedule for your pool this past summer and you find yourself with an algae problem, the tips provided  will give you the peace of mind and will help to prepare your pool for closing, knowing it will be ready to enjoy when you are ready  to next season. One thing  for sure the algae spore will be  ready to greet you next spring if  you choose not to be proactive. Closing  without proper measure can be costly in dollars for the products you will need to clean your pool and could lead to staining and damage to the pool and it’s equipment. Also consider the down time you could encounter having to clean your pool to get it ready to enjoy next summer.

Making the decision to invest in your families backyard fun does not stop there. Providing proper care for your investment will save you dollars, time and ensure you can spend more time with the things that matter most, your family. 

If you need tips for treating tough algae problems, filter cleaning or just winterizing your pool, check out our Special Edition Newsletter HERE and, as always, if you have any questions or would like some additional tips, please send an email or call me, and I will do my best to provide you with the answer.