Summer Party Tips

Hi there, I hope you are enjoying the beautiful summer weather we've been having. It's a great time to host a backyard party, and I thought I'd post a few tips to help get you on your way.

Once you’ve set the date and invited friends, the real planning to a stress free get together begins.

It always helps to have a theme, and plan out the music and décor, to help make your party memorable. Consider a “backyard beach party” with a tropical theme that will go over really well. Create a playlist of music that will go a long way to create the right ambience, calypso or reggae music would be the perfect complement to a tropically themed party. Décor can also be dictated by any theme you may have in place—for example, red and white decorations for Canada Day, bright colours for a Mexican theme.

If you plan to have your party extend into the nighttime consider some lighting choices to highlight various areas of the backyard to create interest and enhance your theme.

It’s also useful to outline a budget before you start making decisions about the details and avoid unnecessary purchases.  Instead of running out and buying new party accessories, search the house for items you already own that could serve as unique alternatives. For example, an old wash basin or wheelbarrow could double as a cooler to keep drinks on ice. Use your imagination!

Meal planning will be one of the most important parts of your party preparation. If you’re hosting an afternoon get-together, consider offering fresh fruit, summer salads, appetizers and lighter meats, such as chicken or fish. The classic summer barbecue of hamburgers, hot dogs and steaks never goes out of style, just be sure you have enough seating on hand if whatever you’re serving isn’t easy to eat with one hand. Remember to keep food safety in mind when planning your menu. If you’re planning to have some perishable foods out in the hot sun, then you may want to invest in trays and serving dishes with built-in ice trays, which are designed to keep your food cooler longer. 

If there is anything you can prepare ahead of time, do it. Not only will this reduce your stress levels but your guests will appreciate not having to wait. Make sure you have the time to relax and enjoy yourself!