Stay Cool by the Pool

1. Take the plunge

When it’s very hot outside and humid, it can be uncomfortable to have backyard BBQs or spend time outside in the yard. A pool offers an opportunity to hop in when it begins to get uncomfortably hot. When you own a pool and spend time outside, you can keep your swimsuit on and hop in the pool whenever you need to cool off. It’s convenient and enables you to enjoy the outdoors without suffering from the heat.

2. Enjoy outdoor exercise

Going for a run in hot and humid weather can difficult, especially in the direct sun. Having a backyard pool allows you to enjoy outdoor exercise even during the hottest time of day and still stay cool. Whether you choose water aerobics, water jogging or swimming, exercising in the pool is a fun activity.

3.  Send the kids outdoors

For kids, it can be challenging for them to stay cool outdoors when the temperatures are high. A pool allows for plenty of outdoors play time without over heating.



Although you have the pool to cool off in, it’s important to stay safe in the heat with these tips.

  •     Hydrate: Be sure to drink plenty of water and provide water for kids.
  •     Shade: If you, or your kids, start to feel uncomfortable or woozy, take a break in the shade.
  •     Sun Protection: Wear waterproof sunscreen and reapply as needed after swimming. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun.
  •     Foot Protection: The decking or concrete around a pool can be hot. Flip flops or sandals can prevent burning your feet.