Welcome to The Pool Place

To those unsuspecting pool owners of West Lincoln, who landed upon the doorstep of their local pool store only to find it closed, welcome to The Pool Place! You may have been shocked to find that your pool store had closed, but we welcome the opportunity to serve you here. Again, welcome and thank you.

Here at The Pool Place, we pride ourselves on a higher level of service and expertise. Although there were a few painful moments as we worked hard to accommodate so many new customers, we are ready now. To those we fell short with, please accept our sincere apologies. Our long-time, loyal customers are the best. We really appreciated your patience and understanding while we worked through this unanticipated challenge. We hope all those visiting The Pool Place will feel welcome and become long-time, loyal customers as well. We will do our very best to try to make this happen.

Through this challenge, a couple more thank-you’s are in order. First, to my staff. Your dedication and tireless effort has been most appreciated. You are ‘my family’ and we couldn’t do what we do without you! Second, our supplier, Backyard Brands, who has graciously showed up on our doorstep in the early mornings to keep us supplied and help stock the shelves. We have worked hard to align ourselves with suppliers who truly care and want to help. Thank you.

For those new to The Pool Place, you may have noticed that our product selection may differ from that of your typical retailer. We stock and recommend products that provide a level of quality and value to our customers that meets our high and exacting standards. One example of this is our decision not to stock liquid chlorine. This may have come as a surprise and possibly a shock to some of you but we do not feel this product offers our customers the best overall value. Innovation has brought new, safer, more convenient, higher performance options that we feel deliver tremendous overall value to our customers. Also, in case you hadn't noticed, you can now order Products through our on-line store - how convenient is that?

Given this new opportunity to experience The Pool Place, we are confident you are in good hands. We sincerely appreciate the business and welcome you to a new level of pool care.

By the way, with every purchase made before Father's Day (June 19th) your name will be entered into our draw to win a Floating Pool Chair. So, Good Luck and here's to a great season of pool care!