Lighten Up!

We at Patio-Plus & The Pool Place believe that lighting up your pool and backyard goes hand-in-hand with entertaining.  There are so many lighting products available that can bring your backyard to life long after the sun goes down!

Whether it be underwater lighting for pools and hot tubs, or low voltage lighting for your garden, they bring an ambience of warmth to your entertainment space.

Small LED lights can be installed in stone, pavers and wood decks, and they are simple and quick to install! Strategically placing them around walkways, pool decks and other landscaping elements can help light a path for people. They are available in a variety of colours: white, blue, green, red, amber and purple.

The use of spotlights to illuminate trees, statues or even walls has also become a popular choice. Spotlights also add a safety feature for areas around your pool. They come with transformers that allow for sensor, timer or motion detection, and the plug can be connected to a standard outlet. With motion detection capability, you also have an added bonus of security.

Another way to add style to your outdoor living space, is to establish a focal point with the use of a gas fire feature, a perfect accessory for a quiet night in with the family, or a not-so quiet night with friends. After a long week at work, you might just need a calm, relaxed night where you grab a blanket and cuddle up to the fire, or you might need a happy hour turned happy hours. These popular gas features can be simple or elegant, and comply with most city bylaws. You and your guests will be reminded of sitting around a campfire, without the worry of getting smoke in your eyes!