Changing Your Sand

Tips for Changing Your Sand

Determine the amount of sand need you will need for your filter. This information is usually located on the front of your filter media
This information is important to ensure proper filtration of your system
If you cannot locate this information, please give us the name and size of your unit and will be able to help you determine the amount of sand required
IMPORTANT: Do not handle sand without gloves, be sure to wash thoroughly when finished changing your sand
A wet vac provides an excellent method for removing old sand
IMPORTANT: Dispose of sand in safe place. Children should never have access to this sand
Rinse your laterals (system fingers, stem and unit with water and algaecide. Inspect while cleaning for any cracks or splits in the lateral fingers, replace any damaged laterals.

IMPORTANT: Where gloves and do not inhale new silica sand
Place a plastic cup or proper filter cover over stem
Fill bottom hollow(just over the laterals with water)
Salt & pepper required sand into the unit
Do not allow large amounts of sand to empty in one area as this may cause damage to your laterals. Place filter head back into place and secure.
*It will take approximately a week to ten days for the new sand to settle and provide maximum filtration


This information is general in nature. Manufactured filtering systems vary.

Filter straining suspended particles from pool

Backwash cleaning a swimming pool filter, reversing the flow of water through it

Rinse turning the sand in the system and helping it to compress before returning to filter

Waste pool water bypasses the filter media